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139' record rally jump (Burton)


So here's our long rally car jump story short ...

We jumped "Godzilla" 139 feet through Red Bull arch breaking previous rally car jump distance record of 122 feet by 17 feet. This was done at the Baie des Chaleurs Canadian national rally ... pin it to win it!!!

Video --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eadojKZmL1c

We definitely achieved our goal of becoming one of the rally's fan favourites and crushing the Red Bull jump. There was quite a buzz and even our second 3 off jump was noticed.

Fans have been supportive of our team and have continued pouring in photo's and videos raving about our jump height and distance....as a new startup team in the sport of gravel rally racing we were happy to have put on a spectacular jump for the fans and Red Bull.

We were pinned at redline and topped out for speed 300 m before the jump and launched the most aggressive line through the Red Bull arch. Really we couldn't have gone an inch farther and I'm glad we landed it. Godzilla flew farther than the previous years distance record, and of course our team was really really happy the rally fans loved it!!!!

On the very last stage, we flatted a tire and ran 20km on the rim with NO brakes for last 10 km and still managed to hit the Red Bull jump, get good airtime, and only lose 3 minutes.

On this final stage we didn't break any records aside from furthest distance on 3 wheels, having zero brakes, and launching another crowd cheering spectacular jump!!!

The last stage tire failure and time loss moved us just a little back of achieving a solid top 10 finish in one of the toughest rally's in North America.

Baie des Chaleurs (BDC) was an amazing Canadian rally!!!

Team mechanics have been preparing Godzilla for our first Rally America event and I'm getting in some tarmac cross-training in our Blue Gumball Sti tarmac racecar to be fresh.

Come on out to support our team and the North American Rally Series.

Richard Burton
North American Rally Athlete

And remember..... Pin it to Win it!!!!