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July 2008 Update


Preparations are well underway for this year's Targa event with the major focus being on improving the performance of the beast for some of the more challenging Newfoundland stages.

The car is driving very well and will be fully prepped by Four Star by the end of the month. This includes a full tuning at 27 pounds of boost which should bring the HP to 375 – 400 at the wheels. We ran Shannonville at about 16 pounds and 260 HP and no-one could touch us on the track. We ran 3 seconds faster than anyone else, even though the car was de-tuned!

The key updates for this year include:

  • A new turbo custom designed for the car and this rally

  • Tuning to bring the power band down for more power in the lower rpms with consistent response from 4,400 rpm to 6,800 rpm.

  • Increase camber on all four corners to improve roll over in turns

  • Increased pre-load on the suspension to improve body roll (1 notch more than we ran last year)

  • A hydraulic parking brake for fast acute turns

  • A full work over by Frank at Four Star on all fluids, lines, pads etc.

  • Spot welded cage bolts to eliminate loosening during the race

  • Fixed placement of the seats to eliminate roll-back during a stage

  • A GPS for navigating long fast stages (Leading Tickles here we come)

  • Improved camera system and media server for video capture

  • And last but not least, more seat time for Richard.


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