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Targa 2008 - Road to the Rock


The Gumball STI has landed and we made it to The Rock!!....after twenty-three.
arduous non-stop, hours on
the road with race car and support trailer in tow,
we managed to narrowly
miss the 9am North Sydney ferry by seconds and watched it leave us behind from within the ferry terminal docking area.

While en route we have had
a few white-knuckled close
calls, coming within inches of tractor trailers, aggressive road rage drivers, and one very large Newfoundland moose at four am in the morning.

With the team vehicle is now safely approaching St. John's there was an undeniable feeling that we were now getting close to beginning our week long high-speed motorsport adventure.

With the final push to St. John's behind and a successful meet up with our support crew it's onto registration, race car tech, and final preparations.

The hard work done in advance of the race has paid of and the Gumball STI is well prepared for the many adventures that lay ahead.

Ivano and Nuwan turn their support expertise on to replacing gas caps with nice shiny bling bling. More importantly they extend a hand to Lance and Gulio's team and do an emergency turbo swap to replace a blown turbo.

Tomorrow is the prologue stage and the last time to stretch the Gumball STI's legs before the grueling race stages begin on Monday.

With a tough day behind us, the support crew turns to getting to know the locals and the BT girls come in for a welcome meet and greet.

All in all it's been a successful road to Targa and soon it begins.


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