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Targa 2008 Wrap up


Despite all of the trials and tribulations that we had over the course of the week, we managed to be fast enough in the stages that we raced to come third in the Open Class, up from 5th last year. This is quite a feat given the competition in the event. So, we may not have won a Targa plate this year, but we made the podium in the most challenging class of the event. Amazing!

It is Monday and all of the teams are heading home after an epic Targa 2008. We have survived 6 days of racing only barely and 3 nights out on George Street (which may have been more demanding than the race).

There are too many stories to tell, but we hope that you got a flavour of our experience.

You should also know that without the support and encouragement of a wide range of people, this simply wouldn't be possible:

  • To our sponsors, your financial support is essential to getting us to the event in the first place. We thank you for backing us and look forward to your continued support in the future.

  • To our support crew who worked tirelessly and sleeplessly every night to keep us safe and on the road, this event would have ended on Day 1 without you. A number of other teams should thank you as well as we know that you lent your skills to help a number of our fellow racers. We thank you for your commitment and talent and look forward to giving you our support at Tall Pines. Although we will be sure not to touch your car!

  • To Pacione, Team Subaru, The Valley Tire Team and a wide range of other individuals too numerous to count, thanks for helping us everything ranging from race gas to parts we didn't have. Without your help we wouldn't have made it past Day 2 of the race. We experienced the spirit of Targa first hand. It was a major group effort to get us over the finish line.

  • To our fans who came out in droves to cheer us on, thanks for your support. It is a lot of fun for us to provide some entertainment for you.

  • To our families, it was great to have so many of you come out and see us this year. We are glad that you could enjoy some of the race and see some of Newfoundland. It is an amazing place and a one of a kind event.

Once we get home and lick our wounds a bit, we will pull some video and pictures together and post them for you to see some visuals of our experience.

Seibs said...
September 29, 2008 at 10:54 AM  

Well done boys! I am considering offering my services to the Gumball team for Targa 2009; I could be your sobriety coach and wellness guru!

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