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Gumball STI - It's Alive!!!!


Well fans, after 6 months and nearly a FULL rally rebuild the Gumball STI is alive!! It will be out of the shop within a week and once again ready to race!!!

At Targa Newfoundland our team successfully faced many challenges and finished third in the open class division...at one stage our engine was on fire (Gander), another stage was run with no steering (ZERO), then broken transmission, broken tyrod, no clutch, manual steering, blown shocks, no turbo, and no a/c..... we worked as a team to keep going. Loved it!!

I'm glad to report the Gumball STI is now even better than ever.....below are just some of the major upgrades that have recently gone into this rally machine.

  • Rebuilt 2.5L Crawford engine with many, many, upgraded components including hardened race rods, pistons, kevlar timing belt....etc. Also new rad fans, hoses, intercooler locking clamps, wiring, and belts
  • Double plated carbon clutch

  • Quick steering rack

  • Rebuilt tranny

  • Replaced center diff (1-1 ratio)

  • Rebuilt rear diff from 3.6 to 3.9

  • And of course a "fireproof" straight slip joint exhaust header

The car will have the same Cosworth turbo setup with engine and diff changes giving more torque.....similar to a 40hp-50hp increase.

Can't wait to get this beast out to the track!!!


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