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Gumball "Rally X" - Built and Ready

Well the Gumball "Rally X", our teams newest gravel beast is finally back in Canada and undergoing pre-race prep for a fast approaching shakedown event.

Cleaning up and securing engine wiring (ie mess), installing race seats, and oh yeah fixing a severe downpipe exhaust gasket leak... we really don't want another engine fire... the Gumball STI fire during Gander stage was enough!!!

Other than some unplanned setbacks, the Rally X is ready to spit out any gravel or tarmac that Canadian Rally can dish out.

It has been outfitted with;
  • 2.0 litre WRX (tuned) engine
  • '05 STI drivetrain
  • Rocket diff controller
  • Cusco 1.5 front LSD
  • Launch control (<--feature RULES!)
  • Anti-lag and boost control
  • DMS 50 rally suspension
After the Shannonville shakedown, we'll go through another end-to-end health check, pretty her up, and get ready for our gravel rally debut at Black Bear, held in Bancroft.


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