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Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter...

Gumball STI Racing has just launched our team's new online social networking sites.

Now you can follow us, stay in touch, and access even more online content, along with racing features, photos, and news that's made available, just for our fans. We will try to keep you up to date on what's happening with our exciting rally team as season unfolds.

So now all you racing enthusiasts can come online and check us out. We welcome new visitors, friends, and our many generous supporters that help make our racing dreams possible.....and please don't forget to click "Become a fan" if you would like to join our Facebook Fan page. Below is our list of our online team sites...check them out:

Gumball STI Website: Visit our main home page

Our official Blog: Find and read our major stories and events

Facebook Fan Page: Visit us today and click "Become a Fan"

Follow me on Twitter: Get race tweets during our scheduled events with twitter feeds built right into our team website and facebook fan pages.

Email Fan Blog Feed: Subscribe and receive Gumball STI fan blog emails

So now there are more ways to keep in touch.....pick your preference and follow us today.

And remember to always keep the shiny side up!!!

Gumball STI Racing.


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